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Building material


PIR boards are boards made of PU foam and are used for insulation of civil as well as Industrial buildings. The boards due to their exceptional properties they gratify huge popularity on construction market.

Advantages of the PIR boards:

  • higher insulation properties than other construction materials such as: EPS, XPS or mineral wool;
  • thermal conductivity (EN 13165) between λD 0,022 W/(m.K) and 0,027 W/(m.K) depending on coating material and board thickness;
  • boards ensure very light insulation having the weight about 32 kg/m3;
  • boards don’t loose their shape and keep perfect insulation properties for many years;
  • compression strength at 10% distortion is between ≥ 150 kPa (15 ton/m2) and ≥ 175 kPa (17,5 ton/m2) depending on the kind of the board;
  • insulation IKO enertherm meets requirements of class B-s2 fire resistance in test end use;
  • in case of fire the boards smoke lightly, don’t melt, don’t drip;
  • boards consist of over 95% of closed cells so they  absorb small quantities of water and the are resistant for decay and mould;
  • tolerance to water steam diffusion:
    • PIR foam: μ = 60;
    • aluminium coating: μ > 100 000;
    • other coatings: μ > 100;
  • different edge finish:
    • straight;
    • tongue and groove (TG);
    • milled (SP);

We offer boards:

  • of thickness from 30 mm up to 200 mm;
  • variable sizes:
    • width 60 cm up to 120 cm;
    • length from 120 cm up to 480 cm;
  • many coatings:
    • ALU, ALU NF, ALU NF PRO, ALU 50, KR ALU  (aluminium);
    • MG, BGF (vitreous lyocell);
    • BM (laminated vitreous lyocell covered with blacktop and vitreous lyocell);
  • variable edges:
    • straight;
    • tongue and groove (TG);
    • milled (SP);
  • price depends on board parameters;


IKO have appropriate roofing for all possible cases. With the course of time a lot of integrated solutions have been devised, such as: spreading of steam pressure, quick welding, particulary strong welds, particulary resistant mechanical mechanical fixing, very stable warp and many others.

Advantages of thermo weldable roofings:

  • proven durability for not less than 35 years;
  • high resistance for puncture;
  • high resistance for weather conditions;
  • recovering of rainwater;
  • resistance for burning brand based on 4 different tests:
    • Broof t1 test (German norm DIN 4102/7);
    • Broof t2 test (scandinavian norm NT Fire 006);
    • Broof t3 test (French norm T 30/1);
    • Broof t4 test (British norm BS 476/3);
  • low level of smoke formation;
  • absence of poisonous gases;
  • don’t contain halogens:
  • limited dripping of burning coating;
  • controlled thermal radiation;

All range of roofing felts are devided due to:

  • use:
    • roofing felts (APP or SBS);
    • underfelt felts;
  • warp/reinforcement:
    • PE warp (P);
    • aluminium warp (ALU);
    • fibreglass fabric warp (V);
  • finish:
    • roofing felt:
      • slate/topping (AD, AR, AW);
      • granulate (GRB, GRW);
      • talc (T);
      • thermofusible film (F);
      • aluminum foil (ALU);
    • wykończenie spodu:
      • talc/sand (T);
      • thermofusible film (F);
    • underfelt felt;
  • fixing to soil:
    • welding with a burner;
    • mechanical fixing;
    • cold bonding;
    • adhesive;

We offer PE warp based felts:

  • roofing felts coated converted asphalt mass  SBS;
  • underfelt felts;
  • felts of various thickness and grammage;
  • various roll length;

Our advisers will help you to choose the best felt for your needs. The price is always 11 PLN/m2 net.


For each order we ensure transportation on favourable terms (details are fixed individually).


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